Enhancing Health Quality with Omilon Connect


Enhancing Health Quality with Omilon Connect

The healthcare sector in Scandinavia is renowned for its world-class quality, and it is crucial to keep it this way. However, hospitals throughout the Nordic region are facing mounting pressure. There is an abundance of competent and dedicated employees, but they are increasingly exhausted, stressed, and frustrated.

According to Anne Bøgh Fangel, User Experience Manager at Omilon, healthcare professionals feel overwhelmed by administrative tasks and spend an excessive amount of time putting data into IT systems. This situation robs them of valuable time with patients. 

As the users' advocate at Omilon, Anne closely engages with hospital staff, understanding their challenges. Consensus prevails among them that high-quality data is indispensable for delivering excellent patient care and fostering long-term quality development throughout the sector. However, there is a resounding message: documentation should not monopolize so much time, and they cannot bear the burden of additional IT systems.

Simplifying everyday operations lies at the core of Omilon's mission. As a company, we prioritize facilitating clinical workflows by ensuring seamless integration of our products with the numerous systems in hospitals. This commitment has been further refined with Omilon Connect—an integration hub that links with the hospitals' IT systems, streamlining and enhancing the documentation process, Anne explains.

A key component of Omilon Connect is the Coding Assistant, which offers comprehensive support for journaling. By directly integrating with speech recognition, it assists in accurately adding relevant codes during the narration of journal notes, Anne elaborates.

She emphasizes that speech recognition has become an established tool in the healthcare sector and is in itself an important tool to free up more time for patients. Nevertheless, a growing portion of the documentation workload revolves around medical coding. These codes ensure that doctors, hospitals, and national authorities can extract data, identify patterns, and gain new insights across patients, departments, and hospitals. This forms the foundation of the vision for a data-driven healthcare system—a focal point for Omilon Connect.


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