Hospitals has the potential to be 5 percent more efficient


Hospitals has the potential to be 5 percent more efficient

More and more people are seeing the consequences of increased administrative burden that steal time from their core mission: treating patients. But the solution is not new systems and large investments. "We have seen hospitals improve their efficiency by as much as five percent, thanks to Omilon`s smart tools that can be used in existing systems," said Martin Elster, Omilon Group CTO

To free up time and resources for the core mission, treating the patient, is increasingly high on the agenda. At the same time, there are high demands on the health service in Scandinavia to use digitalisation's opportunities for good and equal health. However, there is concern within the profession that this will mean more and new systems to work in and thus increased administration. 

"With today's many and different systems, journals and tools, health personnel spend a lot of their working hours on administration. So, the concerns are easy to understand. With Omilons solutions we can free up time for the profession without any big organizational works of changs, Martin Elster explains.

Omilon Connect is software that gathers Omilons different functions, for example speech recognition, Single Sign-on and AI Transcription, and let them integrate with each other in their own functionalities. For the user of Omilons products it means a better and more flexible user experience. Martin explains:  

" A doctor has a patient call. If that physician is using speech recognition from Omilon, i.e using their voice to document the interaction with the patient, Omilon Connect is functioning in the background. It knows exacly which system and where in the journal the spoken text is to be documented. Speech becomes text, in the correct place. Omilon Connect understands the flow of the EHR and adapts to make sure that the speech becomes a correct entry.

The benefits of Omilon Connect are huge. Today, a doctor spends about a third of his working time on patients and two-thirds on administration. With Omilon's smart and digital tools, the numbers can be reversed. Omilon has already seen examples of how a hospital has improved its efficiency by five percent, which is an incredible amount considering the complex organization of a hospital. A number that many industries would only dream of."Everybody wins on this. With Omilon Connect, healthcare professionals can gather information, diagnose and record in a faster and more flexible way. Without compromising on quality, quite the opposite. It saves and frees up time for the patient and more patients. This is just the beginning and one of several examples of workflows where Omilon Connect ease the burdens within the healthcare system, Martin concludes.

Martin Elster, CEO Omilon Norge og Omilon Group CTO

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